Seychelles Agricultural Agency

The Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) was established in 2009 by an act of parliament to enhance the national food and nutrition security and to provide goods and services to the food producing entrepreneurs.


An agricultural sector characterized by a sustainable increase in production of local crops and livestock products that enhance food and nutrition security, contribute to economic growth whilst respecting the natural environment.


Achieve 100% local production in table eggs, 50% of goat, pork and broiler meat, 80% of fruits and vegetables using scarce factors of production efficiently and effectively with a view to achieve a more desirable level of food and nutrition security for a good, healthy and productive Seychellois nation whilst maintaining a high level of bio-security and preserving its pristine environment.

Contact Details

Seychelles Agricultural Agency
Creole Spirit Building
1st Floor
Quincy Street
P. O Box 166

Telephone: +248 4676450

Fax: +248 4324295


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